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83 240d, om603 7.5mm swap
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83 240d, om603 7.5mm swap
I impulse bought my 240d sight unseen after a couple too many beers last summer. I quickly realized how much of a slug these cars are! I then bought a 603 with 722.3 trans, radiator, and driveshaft off craigslist for the swap. 

I finally got the engine, trans, and radiator mounted and running. I recently picked up a diesel meken 7.5mm pump and have that in the car as well. My current problem is that I need longer banjo bolts for the fuel inlet and return. Where can I get these longer banjos? I found some on Ebay but the return needs to be restricted. Should I just run an external regulator with a normal banjo instead?
83 240d, OM603 swap, 7.5mm, hx35 in progress 
03-14-2019, 01:08 PM
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