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LF: Tuner for OM612 or OM647 - NiTeC - 02-11-2018


doing quite a bit of performance work on a few Sprinters and need a tuner - having a hard time finding the right person in tuner is taking forever to push out the files so I need somebody else

I need somebody that can work with MPPS files, delete/disable EGR and reprogram the turbo from VNT to WG...down the road I would like to swap the 270cdi engine into an E-series with euro harness and ECU so that will likely need another file with adjusted tuning...

Any reccommendations?

RE: LF: Tuner for OM612 or OM647 - NiTeC - 09-17-2018


I've got the OM612 upgraded to the CP3 pump with higher pressure...engine's up and running but in limp mode - shuts off as soon as I plug the fuel pressure sensor back in which was expected...I really need a tuner to make some changes to this file so I can push forward with my project...