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No (little) oil in IP?
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No (little) oil in IP?
I've timed a number of OM606 EDC pumps over the years.  Each one has drained several mL of engine oil when the cap is unscrewed. 
The one I opened yesterday was wet with oil, but none drained out and if there was a puddle inside, it wasn't up to the opening.  This engine has very poor fuel economy and is a bit sluggish.  The pump was at 17.5 instead of 14.5.  Not really late enough to explain the poor fuel economy.  Perhaps a lack of oil has worn the pump in some way?

Also, I've been using the RIV timing light. I have seen that one can time an IP using a piezoelectric sensor and normal timing light. Anyone have experience with that?  What is the "correct" injection point with a timing light?
07-19-2020, 12:11 PM
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