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OM603 A/W intercooler "kit"
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OM603 A/W intercooler "kit"
Hey guys, for those of you (myself included) that are stuck in the states and surrounded by om603's, I have a setup for you. 

I'm in the process of parting out my om603 superturbo wagon and am in the middle of building an om606 6spd wagon. I've sold the exhaust side of the turbo setup, but I still have the crossover pipe, frozen boost A/W intercooler, modded' intake manifold, water pump, and the A/W heat exchanger. Everything is bolt up and will effectively create an airway from your turbo to your cylinder head. I had an HE341VE mounted up in my case. Unless you're running an HE351/341 you will likely need to rearrange your turbo, or the cross over pipe to make it work. (So some assembly/modification likely still required). 

The air to water setup is really nice because it packages up nice and tightly and doesn't require any modifications to your front bumper like most air to air intercoolers do. I mounted the water heat exchanger in front of the passenger wheel well, much like the driverside location of the oil cooler. When installed, everything about the car appears stock. The first photo is crossover and A/W components laid out on the ground. The next is what it looks like installed so you have an idea what the fitment looks like. Lastly, I didn't have the pump or the heatexchanger in front of me when doing the photos, so I included stock photos of those. Link below:

I should also note, that this is not my fab work. I bought the chassis with the setup in place, but the engine not running.

Asking $450 for everything mentioned above. Shipping available at buyers expense.
07-10-2020, 02:00 PM
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