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T3-t4 turbo
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T3-t4 turbo
Installed a t3-t4 turbo on 300sd,60a/r compressor 48a/r turbine.  Map shows poss. late spool/surge.
Can not say spools quicker,can say delivers much higher volume of air sooner(boost).
Results:quick 4,000 rpm in park and release nets 7 pounds boost.
           crossing a small country rd.20-22 ft. light throttle,6-7 lbs.boost,heavy throttle 13 lbs.
            65 m.p.h. 3-4 lbs.boost.
            Back pressure,no need to ck,runs free and easy.
I have the by-pass set at 15 lbs. max. said to be 22 lbs.
Very nice up grade,unless you want to race.
Bought for $50. rebuild kit $39.
Would I buy New No, to pricey,would I buy clone. Yes! $125-$159.
I bought the 5 bolt exhaust pattern,did not like the by-pass on 4-bolt. Some mods required,not bad.
07-05-2020, 02:31 PM
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