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OM 606 Turbo seals leaking restricting Intercooler
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OM 606 Turbo seals leaking restricting Intercooler
I am just throwing this out, along with my blog on Missing at idle and Excess smoke after running for 10 minuets this came to mind.

If the turbo is pumping oil from a bad seal, (my turbo outlet was black from oil when replaced). Is it possible the oil could restrict the intercooler from the oil cooling. The PVC valve dumps into the inlet side of the turbo and if there was a restriction in the intercooler it could cause some back pressure in the crankcase and force oil past the rings. I notice some oil in the rubber elbow coming from the air box, above the PVC inlet in the hose.

When I removed the valve cover it was black inside also so obviously the oil hasn't been changed frequently or they used crappy oil. Just a thought.

05-17-2020, 01:22 PM
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