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M103 Oil Filter Housing on OM605
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M103 Oil Filter Housing on OM605
Hi all,

I’m currently in the process of fitting an OM605 into a BMW E36. Whilst I could get away with the normal oil filter housing setup, I’ve decided to try fitting the M103 screw on filter housing to create some room for the cabin heater hoses.

I wanted to ask about the details of this. Comparing the two filter housing together they clearly have the same shape and bolt holes. However, there are a couple of discrepancies.

The OM filter housing has:
- a one way valve
- a thermostatic valve controlling oil flow to the cooler
- small gallery hole to the sump

The M103 housing has:
- a valve of some sort, maybe a pressure valve. But, it lines up with a blank space on the OM Block. So appears it would be no use.
- no thermostatic valve, but this makes sense, as I could fit a remote cooler and thermostatic valve.
- no small gallery hole to the sump.

I’m just after a few reassurances and some more information, that it’s going to carry on filtering the oil as planned.
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