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W201 OM602 questions
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W201 OM602 questions
Hello i am Hermann from Austria.
Usually im into Italian Cars and i own a Lancia delta Integrale Evo that is a little bit moded.

But now i want to start a STD project with a W201.

I have bought a rustfree 190 Turbodiesel with the OM602 engine.
At the first step i want to build the OM602 to a STD and maybe make a engine swap to OM605 in a year or something like that.

I have read a lot in the last time about the engines the Problems and what you need to build a STD and so on.

But still i have a lot of open questions and i hope somebody can help me with that.

I will start with the OM602 as i mentioned.
It will get a big intercooler the waterpump from a OM605 and the intake manifold from a 2.9 Sprinter.
We also will put Spal fans on to move the Watercooler back and make Space for the Intercooler.
The Spal fans will be regulated by a electronic thermostat so it wont will go over 85 deegres engine temp.
The Turbo will be a Garrett Gt28 71 with a costummade downpipe.
Pump will be 7.5 mm from Dieselmekken.
The suspension will be from Spax and the Brakes from a e300 24 v.

And from here my trouble starts.

Does the OM602 and OM605 engines have the same gearbox flanges?
Because i think the original cant handle that power long and if i build a ZF gearbox to the om602 i want to use it with the om605 too and dont build a new adapterplate.

And is there any upgrade clutch for the original 5 Speed gearbox from another Mercedes that i could use plug an Play at first before i have a ZF Gearbox?

How much Boost can the Om602 handle ?

Which ZF 5 Speed Gearbox fits the best in the W201 Chassis?

Sorry for the big load of questions but i couldnt find any good informations about that.

Thank you for the help.
01-29-2020, 11:57 AM
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RE: W201 OM602 questions
Basic questions...
Bell housing bolt patern os same in 60X engines with exception of 613/48.
ZF trans usually GS6 / 53 D something out of a 530D 745 335 and so on.
Boost well some got away wigh 2 bar others 3 bar there is no number ... all is dependent on relation between EGP and Boost. A good number is 1.5 ratio.
Depending on the build and lag u are able to trade the turbo should be much more on the gt35 size.
A stock 202 intercooler does not leave u anywhere. W 210 320cdi does...

Btw i also mod pumps.
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01-31-2020, 05:12 AM
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Location: Austria
RE: W201 OM602 questions
Thank you very much for the help!!!
01-31-2020, 07:14 AM
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