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OM642 VNT to WG conversion?
NiTeC Offline

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OM642 VNT to WG conversion?
Hey guys,

been trying to find some info - has anybody converted their OM642 unit to run a WG turbo? We've done this on a few VWs and love running the He2xx series Holsets on them but I haven't seen anybody do it on the 642 unit....any info? I think I'm primarily worried about the tuning side of it
01-06-2020, 08:25 AM
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RE: OM642 VNT to WG conversion?
I guess that won't be that dificult ... unless u find resolution problems with the actuator...
I would use the orig 642 actuator to operate the WG.
Then is just a question of right maping in order to prevent limp problems due to lack of boost early on the RPM.
Of course EGR function will be compromised as a convetional turbo will develop lower EGP than a VNT type . But that is all tuneable.
Wish u luck
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01-08-2020, 08:33 AM
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