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OM605 Rear Sump Conversion
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OM605 Rear Sump Conversion
Hi all, I hope someone can help me.

I’m wanting to convert my OM605 to a rear sump for fitment into a BMW E36.

I currently have the following parts:

Sump - R6470140302
Oil Pump - A6121810047

I’ve come to fit the items and can confirm the oil pump fits and lines up with all bolt holes. I still need to change some of the crank bearing bolts for ones with captive nuts on.

First question, does the oil pump change throughout that part number? The reason I ask is because my scavenger pipe is too large for the sump to fit over it. Has anyone encountered this issue before?

Also, I’ve had to remove the OM605 windage tray to fit the rear oil pump. Is there another windage tray I could use? Or would it be ok without one?

Thanks in advance, Ben
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