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OM605 with Mechanical Pump in W460 G-wagon
Bellaire35 Offline

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OM605 with Mechanical Pump in W460 G-wagon
I have acquired a w202 with the om605 TD and getting ready to do a swap in my W460. 

As of now this is my short list:

- Oil sump swap
- Use 6mm elements from w202 pump in my om602 pump 
- motor mounts from om602 on om605
- Custom flange for turbo/manifold to clear motor mount

Question: I am not looking for drift car power but would like between 200-250HP. So, do I need to do full load on mechanical pump? Remove rack limiter? Use om605 turbo or look for something like a Holset? 

No plan on external ALDA (not concerned with the smoke, will just adjust my right foot)

Any suggestions is appreciated. I considered the 7.5mm elements with a tuned IP from across the pond but maybe overkill for my goal.

No plan for an intercooler at the present time due to the limited space in the engine bay.
10-03-2019, 06:19 AM
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Petar Offline
7.5mm M pump

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RE: OM605 with Mechanical Pump in W460 G-wagon
You might make 200hp using the 606 turbo which is practically bolt on. But not without an intercooler and I don't think it will be reliable for full load driving. Something like a HE221W should be good for your power level. Again you really want an intercooler, especially considering the G is heavy and the engine will have to run at full load for extended periods of time. Without an intercooler you have to run more boost, and at the boost level required the turbo will make a lot of heat, which increases the EGT and the thermal stress on the engine
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10-09-2019, 03:06 PM
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