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Where to find Part numbers
Buzzliteyear Offline

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Where to find Part numbers
Hi, bit new to MB
where would one find part numbers OEM or Bosch to Say the elements and holders of a OM605 TD that had Electronic control

apart from wiki im finding it hard to even confirm which model came with that engine..... C250 E250 ?

not just for the example above but say if I wanted to also find a conrod part number for a OM602.982 and cross reference
that number to other engines

09-14-2019, 06:05 PM
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NZScott Offline
HX30W 73/44mm

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RE: Where to find Part numbers

1978 300D, 373,000km
OM617.912 with a Holset HX30W, 7.5mm IP, 711.113 5 speed (awaiting certification to be legal...)

1977 250 270,000km (parts car)
1977 300D (ex 280) 500,000km 'new' DD

09-15-2019, 12:29 AM
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