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oil leak from vacuum pump om605
RickyE Offline
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oil leak from vacuum pump om605

Its not often i post on here but finally got my engine running(after 2 years of building it and the car), all going well apart from an oil leak from between the vacuum pump and front case. I have done alot of searching but cant find anyone with the same problem.

Its a om605, with the later style vacuum pump, the one with two drive dogs on the pump. from what ive found  these have oil feed to them from the front cover, and thats where im having a leak from, everytime, as soon as its started it starts leaking from around that oil port.

From what i can see its not the vacuum pump itself, it appears to be leaking past the gasket, i have tried 3 different pumps on it now, one off a running engine with no leaks, leaked on my engine, once returned to its orignal engine it didnt leak, with the same gasket being used on both engines.

Anyone ever had a problem similar? Because apart from changing the front timing chain case i dont know what todo

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08-27-2019, 03:46 PM
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RE: oil leak from vacuum pump om605
The parts cat is showing two different pumps but the same gasket for both:

A0002303165 VACUUM PUMP

A0002303665 VACUUM PUMP


Its not something I've come across before, have you got a picture?
08-28-2019, 03:38 PM
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