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om603 in w123 driveshaft options
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Photo  om603 in w123 driveshaft options
I have a S123 with a OM603 in it. I haven't finished the project due to a few things, one of them being the need for a custom driveshaft.

Here's the problem: I mounting the engine off center 1.75" and I want to keep my guibos (flex discs).

I was planning on having a shop modify a spare 300TD driveshaft I had (it needed to be 2" longer). But after thinking it over I don't think I can use it as there's only one U joint in the middle. (I don't want a vibration issue with a non-straight driveshaft).  This isn't planning to be a high HP car. I want it as a reliable and comfortable daily driver, which is one reason I want to keep the guibos.

The options I can think of so far are to replace the front guibo with an adapter plate (below) and use a Spicer U joint

[Image: Mercedes2-2-329_grande.jpg?v=1515469546]

I can get a driveshaft made with another U joint before the center bearing support and use the rear half of the 300TD driveshaft. This allows me to keep the guibo between the driveshaft and the diff.

I've looked around and I've found a few MB driveshafts with two U joints on the front section, but I don't know what they came out of or how to get my hands on them. Here's a pic of some I've found.

[Image: mercedes_driveshaft_onsomble.jpg]

My questions are:
  1. Does this solution look like it will work?
  2. Is there a Spicer adaptor for the output shaft rather than bolting on the above plate?
  3. Does anyone know of a U joint which can be mounted in the middle?
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