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Dieselmeken retired? (heard through grapevine)
JoeB Offline
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Dieselmeken retired? (heard through grapevine)
I heard the other day through the grapevine at work that Goran has entered into retirement, and the young lad with the red 124 (cannot remember his name - mental block... Erik? ) is taking over the reins...
Mixed emotions about this, because I loved watching the youtube channel and always the crazy shit going on.  twin schwitzed sisters build dyno run was a favourite.

Goran, if it's true, congratulations on your retirement. Well earned. Best of luck in your new endeavours.
I hope we can still order superpumps and nozzles etc down here to canberra in the future.
06-28-2019, 09:05 AM
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baldur Online

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RE: Dieselmeken retired? (heard through grapevine)
This is correct. Göran has sold the company and Erik is now the main man.
Göran is still working at Dieselmeken part time as far as I know.
Erik is well on top of things and I have no worries about the future of the company. I would even expect new and exciting developments in the coming years.
Baldur Gislason

06-28-2019, 11:50 AM
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