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Hx40 or hx35/40 hybrid or BorgWarner s200sxe or s300
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Video  Hx40 or hx35/40 hybrid or BorgWarner s200sxe or s300
Hello guys,
Greetings from India.

I am about to start my project. My car is w124 e300d. 
I am planning to either build this N/A engine(I have turbo pistons and rods already) if I am not able to find turbo om606.
The goal is atleast 400 hp any above will be good. Now my requirements are I don't mega late spool up. This will occasionally be used for drags and rolling races but other than that it will be mostly a weekend fun car.

Now I noob in engine technicalities so planning a simple setup. Ofcourse, I will get most crucial work done by specialist around. But cant really go compound now.

Now among the above listed turbo which one should be a good choice or anyother you guys suggest. Especially keeping in mind, it has to be least possible black smoke option.

Pump I am already havinf words with dieselmeken ans 7.5mm 150cc is what we are planning.

I already have olefejer setup purchased with me even the paddles are bought. Just need to pickup a gearbox which I am getting e270 but I am not sure will it hold else have to get e55 box which cost double the price of e270 but then again have to buy e270box for bellhousing and torque convertor.
05-31-2019, 01:10 PM
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