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Optimal turbo setup
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Optimal turbo setup
Hi. I bought the Myna 8mm superpump 220cc and installed it on my OM606 with Garret turbo model GRW3476R 0.82 A/R delivering 3bar. This is producing 600-700whp. The car is 1998 G class automatic (722.6 gearbox from AMG55). Between 0 rpm and 3000 rpm there is big lag with huge amount of black smoke. It is dangerous for people driving behind me and getting me in trouble with police. How can I minimize the smoke without losing too much power? Is there a way I can control the pump like ECU? Do you think i should put 2 small turbos?
05-20-2019, 09:20 AM
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NZScott Offline
HX30W 73/44mm

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RE: Optimal turbo setup
Welcome to turbo lag. You need to adjust or fit an ALDA device which limits fuel until the boost comes up. There are even 2 stage ones now.

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05-21-2019, 01:15 AM
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RE: Optimal turbo setup
700whp in a G class ? Do you mean Garrett GTW?
06-12-2019, 08:13 AM
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RE: Optimal turbo setup
U're not making much sense...
But if u have 600hp very good u don't need anything . Just to control your foot.
Powered by tractor fuel
06-17-2019, 03:36 AM
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