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OM606 timing marks on harmonic balancer
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OM606 timing marks on harmonic balancer
My timing marks on the OM606 harmonic balancer were removed by a nuclear powered parts washer.  I bit the bullet and bought a second, undamaged balancer and can hopefully spare someone this unnecessary expense.  I put a piece of painters tape on the good balancer and marked distances from the pin which sits proud of the balancer.  From this pin (on center) to TDC is 9.935cm and every 10 degrees is 2.05cm.  This is measured from tape which was removed from the balancer and measured on a flat surface, so it is based on the circumference.

If this saves anyone money and headache you owe me a beer.  Also, does anyone want to buy my good balancer (ha!)?


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03-21-2019, 09:12 PM
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