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FS: Mod'd OM616 Intake Manifold for enhanced performance
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FS: Mod'd OM616 Intake Manifold for enhanced performance
Although very counter-intuitive, you can do mods which slightly enhances the OM616 performance. This is one of them. It allows the engine to breath easier by creating the largest possible air intake using a MB intake manifold. All restrictions were removed. I ran this in my 4 banger and there is a marginal improvement. The OM616 is not going to be a race car engine and there is no magic formula or special part out there which will turn that engine into a race car, but a number of small mods and R&R will and can make that engine peppy and out-perform many OM617 turbos on the road now. Other mods include manual tranny, differential gearing, higher flow nozzles, manual steering, et cet.

$80.00 plus shipping and PP fees. I got more in the machining.

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