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SDL part out, quick turnaround!
martureo Offline

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SDL part out, quick turnaround!
1987 300SDL, hit in rear and front. 

I bought it for very little, my intention was to grab the head and part the rest out. I now have someone who needs the engine for their SDL. They will give me their engine in exchange, but the old engine had a rod through the block (IIRC). Engine parts are available from the old engine, but they might take longer to get.

If you need something name your price. I'm letting things go for whatever I can get. If you're going to get only one item I'll say $20 minimum for that one item (ask for an exception). 

I will ship or arrange for shipping heavier/larger items.

Here's what's been claimed so far. 

-Injection Pump
-rf window regulator and motor
-steering damper
-cruise amplifier

I will update the list as soon as people contact me. Right now it looks like I will be parting it out around November 10th. Whenever I do part it, it will be a one day affair. I'll pull all claimed parts, anything left that I think is of value and then a wrecker will be called.

PM me for email contact. That will be quicker and I'll be able to keep track of you better.

Photos here:
1983 300TD
1984 300D
1995 E300 (sold)
10-29-2018, 03:35 PM
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Posts: 89
Joined: Mar 2012
Location: Maryland/DC Metro
RE: SDL part out, quick turnaround!
If you are on the list I need you to arrange payment ASAP. If I don't have any payment (in part or whole) by Thursday Nov 15th your parts reservations will be up for grabs.

After parts are pulled on Saturday 11/17 the car will be towed. This may be as early as the same day.

Here's the list I have right now.

Lift pump
Cruise control actuator + linkage
door cards
Steering damper
Cruise Amp
cooling fan and shroud
wood inserts -console, above radio
head unit
A/C compressor
Brake Booster vacuum line
Dash wood, door wood inserts
wiper motor and linkages
ABS sensors (right and left front)
ABS relays
pass door mirror
seat control switch
rear seatbelts
half shafts
1983 300TD
1984 300D
1995 E300 (sold)
11-14-2018, 10:11 AM
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