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300TD SLS Delete Lowering springs


300TD SLS Delete Lowering springs
Longtime listener first time caller... I posted my questions below on another unnamed forum without any response. Hoping i might get more interest here 

I've done lots of reading on the different 300TD SLS delete options and am hoping to get some feedback from other members who have removed their SLS.

I'll make a caveat first by stating that I am a big fan of the SLS system. I have a 1980 300TD that is stock. I recently went through the SLS system and replaced the pump and accumulators and it works great. I also have a w124 E320 wagon with working SLS, also fantastic.

The car in question is my 1981 300TD that I bought for $500 with the SLS already deleted. The car runs great but isn't worth the cost to rebuild the SLS, particularly because the previous owner swapped in a non SLS motor. 

I lowered the front of the car with an H&R spring kit I bought online for w123 wagons (advertised as a 30mm drop). The front has worked great since the install(I also put on HD Bilstein shocks). It's notably lower than stock but not too low. I don't have any fender rubbing or bottoming out. I have 15 inch clk rims installed.

For the rear I didn't use the springs that came with the H&R kit since I presume they are meant for a car with SLS and would be too weak for a car that doesn't have SLS. I don't know what springs the previous owner used for the SLS delete, but I cut half a rung off of them. The car still sat too high in comparison to the front. I meant to cut another half rung, but absentmindedly cut a whole rung (it was late, I was tired). Now the car sits too low and is too soft in the back.

I am needing to sort out a rear spring solution that will work on a 300TD with missing SLS while also lowering the car in proportion to the front.

My ask here is for input on any of the following points cobbled together from research I've done so far:

  • Lesjofors W140 S600 HD springs for vehicles w/o SLS (p/n 42 568 69) - based on my research it seems like this is a spring people have successfully used in the past, although I've had trouble finding any install pics. Are there any members who have used this spring that could share pics so I could see the ride height post install? Has anyone cut these springs, and if so by how much?

  • springs - I've read great reviews of this option, however since I'm trying to lower the rear a bit i'm wondering if anyone has cut these springs and how that turned out? I've also emailed the proprietor to see if they have any wisdom to share but haven't gotten a response yet.

  • Other possible springs? - For example, has anyone tried springs from a lowering kit for a W140? I believe there are H&R lowering springs for W140's without SLS that would lower the W140 30mm e.g. here

  • Custom made springs - has anyone had custom springs made for a 300TD with SLS delete? Is anyone experienced in spec'ing custom springs that could help figure out what the specs would need to be for a 300TD rear lowering application w/o SLS?
07-07-2018, 05:25 PM

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