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Hesitation high rpm
T-woff Offline

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Hesitation high rpm
[font=.SF UI Display][font=.SFUIDisplay-Semibold]I have a om617 that’s giving me hell if anyone can help me I was driving a week or so ago goin up a hill and my car just kinda puttered down and died on the side of the road I rolled to a flat spot got out not knowin what the hell happened did my bleeder started it up kinda took it a second to build back up went on my way then it does it again 20 or so min i had just filled up a couple days before figured nasty fuel or change my fuel filters so here’s where we are so far I’ve changed both filters pulled the tank out cleaned it and strainer blew both lines made put a electronic fuel pump on it and now every time it gets to operating temp it will putter down dies and I sometimes can get it started back up but usually have to wait till it’s cool I’ve read plenty of the fourms on ideas and what could be the logical one is that my heater grid when the cars plugged in makes a awful sound.. I’ve tried and thought of everything I can try help would be very gratefull![/font][/font]
04-03-2018, 12:52 AM
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NZScott Offline
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RE: Hesitation high rpm
Pour lots of cold water over the injection pump when it dies and see if it will run fine after that?

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OM617.912 with a Holset HX30W, 7.5mm IP, 711.113 5 speed (awaiting certification to be legal...)

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04-03-2018, 03:20 AM
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Hercules Offline

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RE: Hesitation high rpm
If the fuel tank gets a high vacuum even a electric pump will not be able able to pump. Easy test,temporarily remove fuel cap after stall,was there a vacuum on tank
sound of air rushing in. Check venting system of fuel tank.
04-22-2018, 01:55 PM
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Ecto Offline

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RE: Hesitation high rpm
I had a smilar problem that i couldn't start the engine after i shut it down until it cooled down. The problem was gasoline mixed with diesel. When the engine is running hot, the gas vaporize and acts like air in the fuel system. After it's cooled down the steam changes into fluid and the car was starting like nothing happened. I had absolutly no chance to start the car after 10 minutes.

I have to say that i only had about 15% gas in my tank and the rest was diesel. So be careful what you put in your gas tank!

How's your fuel system made? If you dont have a connection between the intake and the pressure side over a small restrictor inside your fuel filter, you can't get the air out of the system. This could also cause trouble.

06-05-2018, 11:08 AM
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