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Planning a swap into a 2nd Gen Dakota....
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RE: Planning a swap into a 2nd Gen Dakota....
(04-01-2015, 03:20 PM)Petar Wrote: The OM606 seems to be well suited to your power goals. 
There is no problem in making the 606 work in an alien body if you swap in a mechanical pump.  Big Grin

I hadn't done that research just yet - is there a suggested US-market source for the mechanical pump in question? I'm guessing it's not so simple as taking the MW pump from the 617 and figuring out how to make it feed six cylinders? Wink Also, with the mechanical pump swap do I end up needing to instrument the engine (EGT, boost, etc.) to keep the engine safe?

An additional unstated goal is to get it working well and then be able to basically ignore it past simple maintenance. I like to tinker, but not every day.

Quote:If you want a manual transmission you could use one from a 190E or a 190D. It will bolt on to the 606. There has been some talk about a jeep 27 spline output flange that will fit on Benz transmissions and allow you to use a drive shaft with U joints.

That may be a better option than what I had in mind. I had planned on converting the shifting mess behind the motor to GM-compatible using the 4x4 Labs kit. I was thinking of a GM 5 or 6 speed manual transmission, custom driveshaft and the stock Dodge rear axle with a taller gearset to match the lower torque band of the engine. If I can find a 5-speed out of a 190 I'd be happy to make it work!
04-01-2015, 03:59 PM
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