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E39 M51 newly installed pump cracks top cover


E39 M51 newly installed pump cracks top cover

Has anyone have any idea why a diesel injection pump would crack the top cover under acceleration?

A friend has recently installed a used pump to replace the worn out unit he had in his car that was already hesitant in cold starts and giving the usual symptoms that lead to costly repairs.
A used one was to take it's place and said to be in good order so in it went. After installation and bleeding it started easily and all seemed fine except a few leaks that were taken care of immediately. Gave it a little bit of throttle to check for good response and all of a sudden the engine started to sound like an old ford transit and the top cover on the pump cracked with pressurized fuel coming out of it.
We blamed the cover, thought it could be already weakened at that spot, so we used the one from the original pump and the exact same thing happened at exactly the same spot on the cover!!
The number on the pump is a match to the original, but supposedly it came off a Omega 2.5TD could they have different internals despite having the same model number?

If anyone has a clue or can help in any way please do.
01-11-2015, 08:14 PM

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