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S210 -> W203 brake upgrade or?
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Question  S210 -> W203 brake upgrade or?
Hello fellow dieselheads!

I'm overhauling my '00 S210 320CDI in almost every aspect in the coming winter, and was wondering what would be the best brake kit on a budget.

I'm not rich so a full Brembo, D2, etc. kit is out of the question.

I was wondering if I install braided brake lines, rebuild a set of used C32 or E55 AMG calipers, install rotors and pads for the AMG calipers:
-Do the calipers bolt on to the stock avantgarde/sport S210?
-Do the rotors bolt on to the stock S210 bearing flange?
-What brand of cross-drilled rotors would you recommend on a budget?
-Are EBC Redstuffs the best budget pads for street use?
-Is there a better option to the AMG calipers at about the same pricetag?

I'd quote bmartins in his post "w210 300td discs upgrade"
(04-03-2011, 01:33 PM)bmartins Wrote: w210 300td discs upgrade
I own a W210 300TD from 1997 with 300mm rotors.
I was wondering upgrading my rotors and calipers to 330mm from a S320 cdi or 400cdi or 500(W220).
I am almost sure that the calipers fit my car, but the rotors i don´t think so...
Can you tell me which is the best part that i can install there?
330mm from a W220 or 345mm from a C32AMG(W203)?
Does 345mm fit 17"?

345mm fits most 17" rims but the rest is unclear... to me also.

Any advice would be appreciated.


edit: fixed broken quote
edit: fixed broken link
edit: E55 / C32?

Just fyi:
Someone in finland swapped these into their E55 AMG with success (and on a budget)...
Zimmermann W203 C270cdi/ C32AMG(01-06) cross-drilled sport rotor (?mm/28mm) ~200€/2pcs (original AMG E55 spec is 345mm/32mm)
TRW DF4355 rear rotors (300mm/22mm) ~90€/2pcs (original AMG E55 spec is ?)
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07-15-2012, 03:45 AM
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RE: S210 -> W203 brake upgrade or?
Using some non-reliable sources, I have gathered this info on the front-end:
Steering knuckle (where the calipers bolt onto) is the same on pre-facelift E300 TD, all E320, facelift E320 CDI
-A 210 330 00 20 LEFT
-A 210 330 01 20 RIGHT

W210 E55 AMG might have the same or different parts but I have no way to confirm this at the moment

All W203 incl. AMG share a different steering knuckle (different from W210)
-A 204 332 01 01 LEFT
-A 204 332 02 01 RIGHT

All W210 and W203 incl. AMG have the same front wheel hub and bearings
-A 210 330 03 25 L/R (HUB)
-A 210 330 00 51 L/R (BEARING)

The different calipers:
W210 E300 TD and 320 CDI
-A 001 420 31 83 LEFT (Housing)
-A 001 420 32 83 RIGHT (housing)

W210 E320 caliper
-A 001 420 31 83 LEFT (Housing)
-A 001 420 32 83 RIGHT (Housing)
-A 001 420 33 83 LEFT (Caliper -if AMG-engineering package)
-A 001 420 34 83 RIGHT(Caliper -if AMG-engineering package)

W210 E55 caliper
-H WA 210 421 01 98 LEFT (was H WA 210 420 01 83)
-H WA 210 421 02 98 RIGHT (was H WA 210 420 02 83)

W203 AMG (both C32 and C55) caliper
-A 002 420 19 83 LEFT (p/n looks awfully close to the old E55 one)
-A 002 420 20 83 RIGHT (p/n looks awfully close to the old E55 one)

-How good or bad is the E320 AMG caliper, compared to the E55 and C32/C55 AMG calipers?
-Does E55 use the same or different steering knuckle?
-Apparently S220 series cars use the same calipers as C32/55 AMG, calipers are just painted black?
-Are there pictures of the calipers with measurements/Has someone measured the bolt distance and diameter?
-The rear is still to be checked but with this much confusion and missing info on the front, I'll try and have time to re-check the info at the dealer

edit: This info is specific to EURO models. Might apply to others but I can't guarantee that.
edit: C32 AMG / S55 AMG same caliper but C uses silver color, S uses black?
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07-15-2012, 03:41 PM
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RE: S210 -> W203 brake upgrade or?
FYI, the E55 calipers aren't 4-pot unfortunately


OM606/722.6, big IC, W220 brakes.
DIY manifold, compound, 722.6 controller, built IP.
[i]Less rust.. 
08-12-2014, 03:03 PM
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