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corporate ownership has ruined my favorite junkyard!
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corporate ownership has ruined my favorite junkyard!

1.5 years ago-

30-40 vintage MBs on site, fairly complete apart from what people have taken.
also (unrelated to diesel world, but important to me) 30-40 of the same year range work van I drive.

Went today-

Place has been purchased by a national recycling chain, office and processing facility vastly improved.
-every single vintage MB crushed
-every single my type of van, save 1, crushed

new cars lose rims before they even get in the yard, 25 newer MBs in there, not a single rim or lug! I went in trying to find long bundt lugs for my 115
Nothing has any rims on it anymore, and they are all sitting on the ground. Guy says they recycle all the aluminum rims off the old cars. I am pissed off, have to order lugs off the internet now.
1974 240D 617 turbo swap, W201 5-speed, in the works project
1983 240D 616 stock, DD
1989 Chevy Astro, 617 turbo swap, T5 5-speed, 4.56 diff, work van

08-24-2011, 12:59 PM
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RE: corporate ownership has ruined my favorite junkyard!
Thats gay. I love going, looking at everything and now there is only the '94 toyota piece of shit cars left....

1982 300D Turbo ... 3,6xxlbs, No fan, No AC, Hood Stack, No ALDA, No rear bumper and stuffed front, A/W Intercooled, Injectors by Greezer and HUGE Pre-Chambers with help from OM616 & Simpler=Better, Fuel Cranked up, 60 Trim Compressor wheel, EGT, EMP, Boost 50" Rigid Radius bar on roof Aux tank for a total of 48 Gal Of Diesel! Odyssey PC-1750 Battery in trunk, 27"x8.5"/R14 Maxxis BigHorn Mud Terrains, In June '14 issue of Off Road Mag

AX15 Jeep Trans swap in progress....

08-24-2011, 01:16 PM
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RE: corporate ownership has ruined my favorite junkyard!
YEP..Hope that does not happen in my city. The new cars that are being dropped off are stripped from their( Wheels, Radiators, Oil coolers,Cats, Air bags, etc) before they are even made available to customers.

It is filled with a bunch of plastic stuff from Hondas/Toyotas etc.

The good thing for me however, is that not a lot of folks have Diesels here in Miami, so u can grab things at basically a (Steal) price.

Today out of the several things that I freshly ripped off an 83 300D, I got its full climate control for like $15, this things sell regularly for like $150 a piece used on ebay. I could have had it for like $5 if the owner of the yard would have not noticed while I was cashing out that it was off a Benz. Still I can guarantee u he did not know its true value.8)

I think Im gonna begin to stock up on things!

08-24-2011, 04:28 PM
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