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Some Official Board Rules
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Some Official Board Rules
For some reason I have to keep updating this post. It really is pathetic for the ones it keeps being applied to.

* means its been updated.

* 1. DO NOT HIJACK SOMEONES THREAD. It is about their thread, not your ego. If you feel the need to discuss something with someone other than the OP about a topic that came up in a thread. Start a new thread or take it to PM. Creating a mess in someones else's thread is the same as walking into their house and not wiping your feet on the rug. If any OP feels some moderation is needed in their thread, please let me know. ANY FLAMING OFF TOPIC DISCUSSION IN A THREAD CAN LEAD TO AN IMMEDIATE VACATION.

2. DO NOT TAKE SHIT PERSONALLY. This is the internets, if you do not have a thick skin I recommend you get out of the furnace. Do not retaliate to someone else's perceived attack. It only lowers you to their level and makes you both look like asshats. Once this has happened, I don't care who is right or wrong, vacations for everybody!

* 3. DO NOT ATTACK PEOPLE PERSONALLY. Be polite. We are all adults here or atleast nearing adult hood. Please act like one. Do not call people names, however correct they may be in your opinion. Do not pass judgment on what they have done or what they are doing. This is a quick path to a vacation from the board. Give constructive criticism, don't just make blatantly inflammatory remarks. Do not push others buttons intentionally. ACT LIKE FUCKING ADULTS PLEASE.

4. MODERATION REQUESTS. If you have posted something and a moderator pm's you about it, I highly recommend doing what they say. It is a nice way of us letting you fix your fuck up without simply deleting the thread. In most cases we will not edit it for you.

5. ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON. That is how the board is setup. Circumvent that and I will simply delete your other users and posts. Due to certain people not being able to get the hint I have changed everyone who hasn't been to the board in 2 months into a guest.

6. YOU ARE MY GUEST. You have signed up for this board and I have approved it. I am a very tolerant person, you can mouth off at me in the heat of the moment I will forgive you. Many times. Send me a 6pack and I will forgive you faster. If you keep being a nuisance I will ban you. If you haven't gotten the message by then and keep trying to be a nuisance, I will make a point of dealing with you.

7. FS/WTB. STD takes on no liability with anything listed here or for sale. CAVEAT EMPTOR. Also, do not interrupt someones attempt to sell their junk. If they are trying to sell used flex disks then let them do so. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

If I have to make more rules because of idiotic action I will ban first, then make the rule. I have been pretty lenient in the past regarding bans for idiocy. Dealing with "issues" takes away from MY personal time. Time better spent driving my 190 Evo on the Ring in GT5. SOMETHING I ENJOY DOING IMMENSELY.

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