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Well Benzworld just took a turn for the worse
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RE: Well Benzworld just took a turn for the worse
My very first mod (ever) to the W123 was putting the battery in the trunk. ForcedInduction was very 'forceful' in his opinion that a Group 49 battery would never fit in one of the pockets (L or R) in the trunk. I almost listened until he went a little bonkers over how it was impossible ... so, I simply took a Group 49 battery and it fit just fine. Then, Forced -- a/k/a Lance went on a little higher level of debate and contended it was not a Group 49 battery. So, had to double check and even went so far as to contact some battery folks regarding dimensions of a Group 49 battery and I even measured them at a few of the local chains. Turns out a Group 49 battery fits just fine and you have enough room to make a very robust battery box. After that, Lance was always suspect to me. After that, I started double checking a lot of what he posted and said. Turns out about 50% of what he says, maybe a little more, is just wrong. As for his knowledge, sure he knows as much and can recall as much as the average tinkerer whose been around a few years ...
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10-26-2018, 08:30 AM
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