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Planning a swap into a 2nd Gen Dakota....
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RE: Planning a swap into a 2nd Gen Dakota....
(04-03-2015, 11:11 AM)Thomcat316 Wrote:
(04-02-2015, 03:59 PM)Petar Wrote: Yes the Mercedes 5 speed isn't very strong for a superturbodiesel but then again he will only run stock power,only 330 Nm of torque so IMHO it will do fine. But then again I could be wrong.

Without a chorus of support for the 190D transmission idea, I think I'll stick with the Dodge 5spd I'll have already.  Can't be impossible to make an adapter plate....

Quote:Have a shop swap the elements from the electronic 606 pump into it and adjust for stock electronic fuel.

I think I'm missing something?  I am thinking the last words should be "adjust for stock fuel", though perhaps I don't know enough?

There are drawings for both the 617 and 606 transmission bolt patterns in the sticky, fyi
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larsalan Wrote:I guess I need to look at this stupid ass drip shit. What you have to like mess with those elements on the pump? What a fucking hassle. then use some wire to hold the throttle open or some shit?
06-11-2015, 06:55 AM
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