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How do you think this turbo would do? - Matt300ZXT - 02-25-2019

First off, I know I have to have an upgraded fuel pump and the supporting exhaust/manifold and intercooler and a built trans, as I'm sure a 280k mile 722.6 trans on a W210 E Class wouldn't handle much more than stock.

Annnnywho, I have a 99 E300TD and have a need...the need for speed.  I have a turbo lying around from back in my days when I was building a 1JZ for my SC300.  I purchased it from a guy on a Starion forum, he had it on his Starion and was making way too much power for the car, so he pulled it for something more tame.  It's a bit older technology turbo.  I don't have it handy, so I can't get the other #s off the housings to Google for better specs, but here are some basic #s off of it that I made a post on years ago on a Lexus forum:

Precision SC63 Big Shaft t4 single scroll
P trim .68 turbine housing (I felt this was perfect for a 2.5 1JZ, but not sure if a 3.0 would spool it too fast and run out of breath) with 3" v-band exit
S cover with anti surge

Those are all the basics I had on it.  At one time I ran all the #s on the housings to get a better idea of other figures, but like I said, this is all I have handy right now.  This turbo was apparently used quite a bit on Hondas, DSMs, SR20s, and other imports back in the day, but I've come across multiple conversations from forum members of various performance sites, as well as Precision, rating this as a 700-750hp turbocharger.  Granted, I can keep the boost down, just curious if you guys could give me some of your thoughts.

RE: How do you think this turbo would do? - barrote - 02-26-2019

For a diesel u need a turbo with turbine a/r at around .7 to .8 . Otherwise it wont wake. In a diesel 606 a 70mm exducer turbine is good enough for early wake. 606 needs from 40 to 60 pounds air flow ... at least .... the pressures need to be over 1.5 bar boost.
Without a mod pump its nearlly impossible to light such a turbo like i said.
Problem is that most gas dedicated turbo don't blow much and have stupid high a/r housings.
Try it out ... otherwise install holset HX35 W with housing #12 it sure will make u happy.

RE: How do you think this turbo would do? - 50harleyrider - 03-01-2019

And remember that 606 won't jump with any turbo below 1200 RPM. Hopefully your "built" auto has a high stall torque converter(2000-2500). Hopefully the car wheels and tires are short enough to keep you gearing manageable and help launch it. Good luck with your build.