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Suspension creaking noise - rok_w124 - 06-16-2017

Hey guys, i have a 90' w124 250d and it started to creak when you turn the wheel, the sound is coming from the front left side, and it's most noticable when u just slightly turn the wheel (1cm to the left or right), i've checked the bushing and ball joints and they dont seem to creak when you listen to them and turn the wheel,i greased them all up but that didnt help. 

Does someone know what could be the problem?

Sorry for my bad english not my native language Tongue

Thanks for the help

RE: Suspension creaking noise - mmetzdavid - 02-07-2019

Following, I have the same issue on my 94 250 estate turbodiesel, exactly same left front wheel, but I also can hear it if I move by hand a bit up and down the body on that corner. I think they are lower control arm bushes or the shock. I plan to replace both soon so I did not try to fix the issue, but tell me please if you found out!