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Hey guys! Moving into a compound setup to fix lag. My application is extreme desert offroad which requires serious torque starting below 2000rpm and up to 5000rpm. Cooling and space is a big challenge but I'll get to that later. For now I'd really appreciate your recommendations as to best choice of compound turbos (small and big) to achieve 500+whp and high torque starting below 2000rpm and staying strong up to 5000rpm. We are currently going to test a tiny turbo from 3.0 sprinter van to see how it behaves. Then we will try adding a garrett GTW3476R as big turbo and see how it complements the tiny sprinter turbo. My car is 1998 g300td, om606, myna pump 8mm, g55 auto box. Many thanks
I think I have said this to you before, but just get the stock VNT from an om648 and compound it with an HX52. Use two 60mm wastegates for the small turbine bypass and cool both stages with the biggest intercoolers you can fit. Use the ofgear or baldur controller for the VNT. This is basically what erx000 runs on his drag sedan in Estonia or wherever. It has boost from idle and seems to make decent power. Have fun.
Mine works ok with gt2359V and pro52 but actually they are a little bit too different in sizes. Small makes boost instantly but you really need to push it to get full boost from big one. I screwed vgt limit screw one turn in so max closed position is a little more opened than stock but still it's quite hard to get vgt open smoothly. Chinese wastegates leak and are pain in ass, one failed with snapped valve rod. At the moment I throw away one bypass wastegate but then egp went up too high and engine exploded with snapped rod after years of abuse.
(09-13-2019, 04:20 PM)erx Wrote: [ -> ]engine exploded with snapped rod after years of abuse.

Ohh finally the great setup has come to an end. What are the future plans?

Also, I tried contacting you for the build on your youtube channel. I might need some help from you.
Ok erx that helps me a lot also. I have one 45mm and one internal wastegate to bypass the hx30. I did go with a slightly larger hx30 (46mm) than the standard 40mm one, so I have some room there. I could go up to hx52 from he451, which would allow me to keep the hx30 running longer, but I that will require some work on the manifold. I will see if I can add another bypass gate.