Full Version: OM613/OM648 (GT2359V) down pipe??
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I have a Garret turbo from a OM613 that I need to build a down pipe for.  Does anyone know the spec on the Turbo's output flange?  Is it a standard 3" v-clamp or something Mercedes proprietary?
It's a Mercedes thing with a bell mouthed pipe. I don't remember the pipe diameter, think it was 64mm. Normally it has a stupid clip to hold it in place but the clip always breaks. There is a bolted clamp that replaces the clip, part number A2034900441
The flange is the same on a 606 300TD, fits upto the 2359v the same if that's easier to source.

I modified my OM606 downpipe to work with my gt2056 so I don't have my original to mod. but I need to go to the bigger (gt2359) turbo and I need to build a new down pipe. Does anyone have a 606 down pipe they would sell?