Full Version: Sprinter SMF Kits
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I've seen varying views on using Sprinter SMF on the OM606. I currently have a sprinter Single mass flywheel and clutch kit on my OM606 and from a C230 kompressor. 

I've been told that the tab on the crank is 11.3mm and the key hole for the tab that's on the flywheel is only 10.3mm deep. Such as this thread here

I'm confused - i almost want to remove my trans and flywheel to verify everything with a caliper. Whats your experience with this?
My friend had to grind it down on a 605, the tab was 11.8mm but the hole was only 10.8mm so he ground it down to 10.5mm
Thanks for that. I'm curious to see who has had failures because of this.
I haven't read about any failures that were blamed on this.  If it was me, I would just be concerned about whether the back of the flywheel recess (that the tab goes into) is square to the crank or not. It probably is, but if not it's going to put wobble into the flywheel that probably isn't awesome for bearings and other drive line components.

How has the setup been working for you so far? Any slip? I'm thinking of going with you're exact setup to start. It's the cheapest option in my neck of the woods. DPUK offers a "budget" flywheel/pp/clutch kit that appears to more or less be the sprinter kit except that the recess is bored out further to clear the tab. It's priced roughly the same as the borg and beck SMF sprinter kit. I'm wondering if that's the best place to start. Then if I find that the pp/clutch doesn't hold up, I'll order a sachs 765 and drill the flywheel to accept it.