Full Version: Selling Ole Gearbox Controller & OM606 engine + trans
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I'm finally getting rid of my OM606 conversion project stuff, I'm not going to install it in anything. 

What I'm selling:
-- Ole Fejer Gearbox controller & gear indicator, bought in 2015, never unpacked, never used.
- included W210 shifter unit
- 580€

-- OM606 engine, complete engine, without alternator & fan/fan clutch.
- 250.000km (
- with solid 722.6 transmission attached.
- comes with stock intercooler & pipes

I am willing to put it on a Euro palett for shipping abroad/overseas. But please note that I don't have a lot of time so I may need a week or two to get the engine ready for shipping. If you want it fast, I'm not your guy Smile

Looking for 1000€ for the whole lot; engine + gearbox + intercooler.

-- OM603 Turbo injection pump, unknown mileage
- 500€

Or the whole lot for 2000€

Location is south-western Germany, collection MUCH preferred.