Full Version: om601.940+711.113+turbo
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hi guys,

read a lot here, but still got some questions, maybe you pros could give me a hand. ?️

i'm a german, actually living in paraguay and travelling southamerica with my 308d, built '94.

because i want an a/c and 4x4/ difflock-rearaxle i need a bit more power, so i'd like to turbo my om601( should have piston squirters, because it's the transporter engine).

Parts are rare here, so i'd take the simple turbo of a nissan td27t (terrano1/2, mistral, pathfinder), standard on 10psi, plus intercooler. already turned up my M-pump 360 degrees and have a more efficient air intake.

now my questions: with 10psi, i should end up around 100hp/250nm (little bit more than a om601d23LA-Vito). will my stock clutch(228mm) and my 711.113 with 0,8 5th gear last??

oil for turbo: intake from back of cylinderhead? from turbo directly to oilpan?

the turbo has 10psi with 2,7l engine, will it have the same boost on my 2,3l engine? ?

any more adjustments needed for the isp or can i leave it like i adjusted it? now smoking a bit only on fullthrottle and low rpms.

egr-probe i would screw into the header (maybe 3rd cylinder?), what temps will be ok for the OM601?

anything more i should take care of?

if you want to checkout our travels: or facebook/instagram @startravel2016

thanks for your input, appreciate your help ??️
your clutch and trans should be ok at that power just don't try to power shift it or do any clutch dumps. 
as for the turbo is it a wastegated, vnt, or just a fixed housing turbo? those will largely decide the boost level you will get and when it kicks in.
oil feed for the turbo is probably best taken from the oil pressure sender on the filter housing just install a T fitting where the line or sender was (not sure which you will have) then hook one leg of the T to the gauge and the other one to the oil line to the turbo. the oil return can go strait to the pan its better to have it dump above the oil level in the pan as there is some gas that will escape past the seals in the turbo naturally and the easier it can get out the less pressure in the turbo trying to push oil past the seals in the turbo.
i might recommend that you try to install the EGT probe as close to the turbo flange as possible since if its in one runner you could have one or two cylinders running hotter than others and not know. the temperature you should shoot for is anything under 650*C continuously. it should be ok to hit up to 800* but only for a few seconds.

good luck with your adventure sounds like a good time traveling.
hi, thanks for the input about oilsupply :-)

i think the td27t had the ht12-5a hitachi turbo, should be a wastegated one... but more i don't know..

has somebody some more tips? :-)
Well u need superpump, if u want the engine to feel alive, otherwise those mods have only placebo efect.
There's not much u can do without 60 to 80cc. Try to find a pump from vito2.3 or 601D23 . That pump can help a lot.
Good luck
well, i have the 601d23,  are there different pumps?
Well there are many 601 versions ...
Including a D23 turbo, all this versions have diff pumps in it.
Of all this pumps the pump in 601D23 turbo is the best cause has 6mil elements able to 70 to 80cc with pump maxed out.
But this is not a big diff, compared to a 7.5mil pump.
I have tuned 2 601's and belive me they hold a 7.5 pump a lot better than most 606. Power improves to double and tq rises a lot. Even with stock turbo. Just need boost increase.
PM if u need or want a biguer pump.
thx for the offer, just need some more hp/nm, 10psi should be enough, no big deal ? you think the stock m-pump is powerful enough for 100hp/240nm?
If u have a PES4M60C320RSXXX yes. It can handle 150hp
In a 601D23tirbo. Raise fuel up to max and that allow to run 1.5 bar boost ... it should get u there
Since it was an n/a pump, once you've got boost you should be able to turn out the full load screw more than just the one turn you've already done.
Why should? N/A pumps are same as turbo!!! With the exception of altitude compensation device, wich has a diff setting.
Because the non turbo pumps are set for less fueling stock vs the turbo pumps which are almost maxed out stock so you can only turn it out 1-2 turns maybe ??? When you turn out the N/A pump 3-4 turns you only get to the level of stock turbo pumps
no no no ... its not like that ,or at least so simple, it is the Altitude compensation unit, and type of element that makes the diff.
A N/A 601 takes 35 to 38cc at 1013HPa, the turbo version 42 to 45 at 0,12MPa, but the turbo is with 6mm elements....
so is not so simple , most pumps handle 5 or 6 turns , some don´t some elements have leak off Groove some don´t... u can´t just say it handles more turns cause is N/A or Turbo.
6mm element from 601 turbo engine gives 75 to 80cc max, has leak off Groove , if u ask full rack from governor it runs bad...
521 element is 5.5 comes in most 601 2.2 N/A gives 65cc and has no leak off so no problema giving max rack travel ...
u see is a tricky thing, thats why most people do not suceed tuning pumps by their own.