Full Version: Which 722.6 for 94 e300d (N/A om606)
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Hello guys.
(I tried searching & searching) 

So my stock transmission(722.4) in my 94 e300d (N/A om606 engine) is showing signs of failure(not able to move in reverse if it has to climb/ move on slope).
Now in near future I might be doing some performance upgrade to this car(internal, turbo, pump upgrades and plans to achieve somewhere 600hp) but for now stock car

So I was wondering instead of getting this transmission rebuild, why not start searching for all the required parts including the 722.6 transmission and swap it.

Now I am not too much of technical guy in this department and my trusted mechanic would do the swap. So required least tricky fit, list. Now can anyone suggest (other than olefejer's standalone controller,tps sensor)
Out of which vehicle should I be looking for 722.6, bellhousing, instrument cluster etc for my vehicle and and current need. 

Maybe a complete list from someone who has already done same to same spec car, would be of great help.

Looking forward to your valuable suggestions.

I am narrowing down to e270cdi gearbox. Will it be good enough for 700-800nm for my future upgrades?