Full Version: Well Benzworld just took a turn for the worse
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For some incondensable reason they seem to have allowed ForcedInduction back.... Now Benzworld has never been my favourite forum, but there have also ways been a few people there with enough knowledge to help to make it worth popping in every so often.... But seriously, talk about how to shoot yourself in the foot......
Dont really know much about the guy. Is he really that bad?
The guy is poison to any sort of constructive environment. He belittles everyone and refuses to ever concede a point.... There's a reason he got banned from all 3 of the major forums as well as several other unrelated ones I've run across him on....
Lance is an interesting chap. He would be a worthwhile person to have around if he wasn't such a dick asserting his opinions on everyone. I find his engine and turbo experiments interesting anyway
I agree, his encyclopedic knowledge and engine mods are fantastic. It's just they come wrapped in such a toxic package.
Being the great librarian may be useful, however, a majority of his self-righteous opinions are simply wrong, and Lance a/k/a "Forced Induction" is too much of an ass to admit when he's wrong.
He is a menace over on CompD too. But he doesn't say much very often because they all normally just laugh at him
I've seen him on a couple old powermac forums. They called him out and banned him there as well. I just ant fathom why they let him back in.
when I read op first post I thought it was a guy named benzworld on benzworld (I was skimming and didnt read the whole thing). I began reading threw everyone elses posts and everyone was talking about how what a really smart dick this guy was and I was thinking "hmmm, this guy kind of reminds me of forcedinduction." until I got to grezzers post and it turned out it was him! Man that guy is infamous...
Is he back as ForcedInduction or one of his other handles? I haven't seen him yet... or maybe I just haven't seen his specific flavor on any post yet.
His reputation preceeds him everywhere.
He's not particularly smart at all, he's a smartarse. or Troll in interwebspeak.
Personally I have no time for them whatsoever.
i was just about to ask about this guy. read many of his arguments and ya hes a kook. was going to ask how his youtube got shut down tho cause i wanted to see shitty videos. but ya probably the same reason as here.

My very first mod (ever) to the W123 was putting the battery in the trunk. ForcedInduction was very 'forceful' in his opinion that a Group 49 battery would never fit in one of the pockets (L or R) in the trunk. I almost listened until he went a little bonkers over how it was impossible ... so, I simply took a Group 49 battery and it fit just fine. Then, Forced -- a/k/a Lance went on a little higher level of debate and contended it was not a Group 49 battery. So, had to double check and even went so far as to contact some battery folks regarding dimensions of a Group 49 battery and I even measured them at a few of the local chains. Turns out a Group 49 battery fits just fine and you have enough room to make a very robust battery box. After that, Lance was always suspect to me. After that, I started double checking a lot of what he posted and said. Turns out about 50% of what he says, maybe a little more, is just wrong. As for his knowledge, sure he knows as much and can recall as much as the average tinkerer whose been around a few years ...