Full Version: Elevating my W201
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Hi all

As some of you know, I have swapped an OM613 and 722.6 into my W201. The first trial runs illustrate only too clearly that I need some stiffer or longer springs at the front of the car. Does anyone know if I can use a replacement from an other Merc, or perhaps a good tip on where I can find upgraded springs.

Bear in mind, I am not looking for lowering, the car is nose heavy enough as it is.

[Image: rg31yu.jpg]

Those tires are huge.

You can use springs from tons of Mercs. W124,R129, probably W210 and others. R129 tends to have light springs up front and stiff rears.  Here's a W124 spring chart:

Wire diameter is a good indication of rate when spring rate isn't listed.

Don't forget bump stops too. These cars live on the bumpstops, no matter how stiff the springs are.

[Image: stop_buffers1.jpg]

[Image: stop_buffers2.jpg]
You're my hero! Thank you so much for your thorough answer.

Yes - the wheels are huge. The car came with them. Do you think I might resolve the issue with a different set of wheels alone?
Yeah, wheels might do the trick. Max tire size/wheel offset has been discussed ad-nauseam on every 190e message board. 190rev is a good one but you have to join.
Hang on my friends solved this issue I'm sure with either W124 V8 springs or 190 2.6 springs or something like that, as they are direct swap, let me ask hold on.
I'd really like to hear back on that, thanks Smile
Springs and tool for this have now arrived, so I jumped into it since I am waiting for the new engine to arrive anyways.

Classic comparison-photo. I am sure I will be elevating the car good and plenty with these. I only worry that it might be too much. I will not be able to see anything useful on the car until I throw the new engine in. So, I am fitting these, and I'll take it from there. 
[Image: HCwGfd.jpg]

Just an attempt at showing the difference in wire diameter. The old ones are around 14,3 mm, the new ones are equivalent to 1243212204 and have a wire diameter of around 15 mm.
[Image: 3Rbfbh.jpg]

This is what it looks like set in place. I am looking forward to seeing how the front end of the car looks when everything is back together.
[Image: AJqq5J.jpg]

Will keep this updated.