Full Version: adapting flat-sided swaybar bushings
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i have these Energy Suspension polyurethane swaybar bushings which i want to use with this W123 wagon sway bar here. i guess swaybars in american cars hold up against a flat surface - the manufacturer's technical contact was stumped when i told him there was a concavity behind the bushing. mocking up the fit, it looks like the bar would sit at just about the same position, but the bushing itself would be loose in back.

assuming no polyurethane bushings are available in the oval MB shape, i am leaning towards cutting and drilling some 3/16" steel bar for backing plates to these.... unless someone thinks there is a better approach.

[Image: DSC_0322.JPG]

sorry for 2nd thread on topic, i was telling a story in the other one which in retrospect, didn't help.
wow, i see this is a pretty unpopular mod. i must look crazy here. anyway, i made the bracket backing plates. how much is it going to mess up my alignment if the bar sits a centimeter proud of its original location?

[Image: bushings.jpg]
I wouldn't worry about it. If you can muscle it in to place it shouldn't matter a whole lot. It may even cause the sway to feel a bit stiffer as well which is probably a good thing.
There is also a guy on 190rev that makes custom poly bushings as well...they are a bit pricey as they are not mass produced, but the sways are small enough that they might not be too bad.  I have not priced them i na while, but plan on buying his stuff on my next suspension rebuild.