Full Version: W123 manual steering box
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[attachment=8574]So, I have scored for $75 shipped, a 78 240D manual gear box for my mom's 78 300D which I recently turboed. That required the removal of all the shiesty servo Hvac stuff which saved weight for sure. I also got a manual climate control under dash setup I intend to install as well.
I'm looking forward to ditching the power steering pump and lines.

My question is for those of you in the know:
What fluid(or grease?) do these manual boxes take. I know old Toyota cruiser boxes take gear oil...
I have done quite a bit of searching online but nothing definitive.

Of course I'll be resealing the oil filter house to block gasket at the same time and likely going to an10 lines while I'm in there.
If this is a for sale??? I will take it, but I need the lower steering shaft. Those are specific.

Please PM to confirm

OR -- are you interested in a swap? injectors, et cet.???
The manual steering boxes take auto tranny fluid. I used Mobil 1. Worth the $8 bucks a quart.
I'm so

[Image: 0005150000696_500X500.jpg]
I scored or acquired one. I've not yet taken delivery of it so I haven't drained it, I'm just trying to be ready. Thanks for the info