Full Version: FS: OM603 rebuilt injection pump
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This pump is for a 1987 300D/TD, but it will work on any OM603 3.0L engine. The pump was rebuilt by Pacific Fuel Injection in California. I bought this pump because my car was getting lower MPG than I thought it should, and I couldn't find anything else wrong, so I suspected the injection pump. I installed this pump on my car and after a few tanks of fuel, I found that the fuel economy was no different. I left the pump in my car for a while and put a total of 18kmi on it. I just removed it a few days ago and replaced it with a custom built high-performance pump (more power!) and I don't need the stock rebuilt pump anymore. (It turns out the poor fuel economy was due to the diesel fuel in my area switching to lower-BTU "CA-spec" fuel. If I fill up in a neighboring state (UT or OR), fuel economy goes back to normal (+10%), and drops back down when I get local fuel. Angry )

This rebuilt pump is in almost flawless condition and does not leak oil or fuel. Click here to view additional high-res photos. I guarantee that this pump is not DOA. You will receive the pump exactly as seen in the pictures, including the rebuilt ALDA, and fuel lift pump. If you need the OE lock tool and/or timing device basket (required to R&R the pump), I have brand new ones that I'd sell with the pump for $25 for both. There is a video of my engine running with this pump at the directory above, video was taken a few hours before the pump was removed. The pump will be shipped double-boxed to prevent shipping damage. For reference - Pacific FI typically charges about $900 for a rebuild, plus S&H, and a core pump.

Asking $700 / obo, PayPal is fine. Please email me with any questions.



[Image: 603_pump_01.jpg]
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